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Kansas Participation in Sea Winds Instrument Activities

Project Award Date: 09-15-1995


This research continues work on the development of algorithms to correct the SeaWinds data for atmospheric attenuation. This work began originally in connection with the EOS Stikscat program.

SeaWinds is a scanning scatterometer that will fly on a Japanese spacecraft (ADEOS-II), which is also be equipped with an AMSR scanning multifrequency radiometer. Both instruments scan in conical patterns with complete coverage of the ocean surface.

The signal to the SeaWinds will be attenuated when it passes through rain and dense clouds. Since the wind measurement by the SeaWinds will depend on accurate measurements of the scattering from the ocean, the attenuation can cause significant errors in wind measurement. In cloudy and rainy regions, the radiometer signal increases in response to the attenuation. Therefore, the radiometer signal can be used to estimate the attenuation, and the estimate used to correct the signal received by the scatterometer.

Moreover, the radar will receive signals scattered from raindrops. We must estimate this signal to subtract it from the attenuated surface signal. To do so we can use the attenuation estimated from AMSR but must know the rain height to do so. For this purpose we are developing a climatology of rain height using data from the TRMM (Tropical Rain Measuring Mission) satellite.

Combining effects of attenuation and rain scatter will allow us to correct the signals from the surface.

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Faculty Investigator(s): Richard Moore (PI)

Student Investigator(s): Bhaskar Natarajakumar, Vivek Kurisunkal, Jerome Arockiam, Narayanan Govindan Kasi

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): Oregon State University

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