ITTC Project

Multichannel Sense-and-Avoid Radar for Small UAVs

Project Award Date: 11-15-2012


Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) may enable many valuable future commercial
and industrial services; however their lack of situation awareness poses unacceptable societal hazards such as airborne collisions with mobile and fixed structures. Although air traffic may rely on established transponder-based collision-avoidance systems, UAS avoidance of noncooperative objects (e.g., balloons, parachutists, towers, etc.) will require supplemental sensors.
While a suite of on-board sensors may be needed to provide the UAS flight director with an acceptable situation-awareness level, such a suite will certainly include a radar given its allweather, day/night capability to provide accurate position and velocity data for nearby objects. While a few airborne radars may be capable of sensing non-cooperative objects for UAS avoidance, the size, weight, power requirements, and cost of these systems are not suitable for
deployment on small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


Faculty Investigator(s): Christopher Allen (PI), Mark Ewing

Student Investigator(s): Mikhail (Mike) Zakharov, Robert Knight

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