ITTC Project

Measurement, Monitoring, and Outreach in the Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation (GpENI)

Project Award Date: 10-01-2009


The project will analyze development and prototyping requirements in a federated international network. Specifically, the team will work with collaborators in Europe to determine how they can use existing international research and education infrastructure (e.g. DANTE, NORDUnet) with Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) clusters, contribute resources and software, and run early GENI experiments. The team will coordinate with other funded GENI federation projects to keep the requirements results consistent with those projects.

GENI is a novel suite of infrastructure now being designed and prototyped to support experimental research in network science and engineering (NetSE). NetSE research challenges us to understand networks broadly and at multiple layers of abstraction from the physical substrates through the architecture and protocols to networks of people, organizations, and societies. The challenge is highly interdisciplinary, ranging from new research in network and distributed system design to the theoretical underpinnings of network science, network policy and economics, societal values, and the dynamic interactions of the physical and social spheres with communications networks. Such research holds great promise for new knowledge about the structure, behavior, and dynamics of our most complex systems - networks of networks - with great potential for wide impact.

Although its specific requirements will evolve in response to the evolving NetSE research agenda, the conceptual design of GENI is clear enough to support a first spiral of planning and prototyping. The technical design and planning work will take place in workshops at GENI Engineering Conferences.


Faculty Investigator(s): James Sterbenz (PI)

Student Investigator(s): Justin Rohrer, Yufei Cheng, Hemanth Narra, Egemen Cetinkaya

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): BBN Technologies

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