ITTC Project

CDMA Capacity Assessment for Personal Wireless Communications

Project Award Date: 10-09-1995


The project assesses the capacity of a cellular personal communications system using code-division-multipe-access (CDMA). With a multiple user CDMA system where all the users have the same data rate, the same activity factor, and the same fidelity requirement, and where perfect power control is employed for users talking to the cellular base station, the formulas for computing the maximum number of CDMA users that can be accommodated in a given bandwidth have been found. However, the case with different classes of users - differentiated by their individual data rate, activity factor, and fidelity requirement - had not. This project is developing a methodology for predicting the allowable number of users of each class. Such an analysis is important for considering the mixing of voice and data users in a wireless system.


Faculty Investigator(s): James Roberts (PI), Victor Frost, Glenn Prescott, Sam Shanmugan

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): Sprint

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