ITTC Project

An Enhanced Genetic Algorithm with Direct Manipulation of Sets for Data Mining.

Project Award Date: 08-01-2004


According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 70 million Americans currently live with a cardiovascular disease. Discovering common factors among people with heart disease will aid doctors in the early detection, and hopefully, eventual prevention of the number one killer of men and women in the United States.

ITTC researchers are developing a genetic algorithm that uses Darwinian concepts of "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest" to discover patterns within the data. They will compare the results of their results to published results that analyzed the same data sets.


Faculty Investigator(s): Arvin Agah (PI)

Student Investigator(s): Christopher Taylor

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): Self Fellowship

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Individuals and organizations can enter into agreements with KUCR/ITTC and provide funds for sponsored research to be performed at ITTC with the assistance of faculty, staff and students.

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