ITTC Project

Development of a High Altitude Balloon Experiment System (HABS) to Fly Standard Interface Payloads under Controllable Flight Conditions

Project Award Date: 03-12-2006


Previous research included 13 flights for the KU high altitude balloon system (HABS). ITTC researchers improved on the initial HABS and developed different versions capable of carrying the University of Kansas Balloon Experiment Satellite (KUBESat). In an attempt to fly the S-band transceiver contained inKUBESat-2 within the FAA limits, a smaller, lightweight, and improved version was built, Mark III. This was reduced in size with the same electronics and became the MART IIIa.

ITTC researchers will design, develop, build, test, and operate a new system, HABS Mark IV. The Mark IV will have the ability to hover within a given altitude band for a specified period of time up to the maximum capabilities of the HABS power and thermal systems. It will allow a controlled landing to a designated or safe area. A standard power, data and command interface with user payloads, to streamline integration of a payload into the HABS and increase the ease of testing and overall system reliability.

Researchers will help investigate the possibility of commercializing the HABS and producing the system as a whole or in parts that could be sold to various customers that want to control their own high altitude balloon system. The research provides a hands-on learning experience for students.


Faculty Investigator(s): Glenn Prescott, Trevor Sorensen (PI)

Student Investigator(s): Kedar Dimble

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): Fundamental Technologies, LLC

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