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Development of Design Rules and Associated Tools for ATM Networks

Project Award Date: 0000-00-00


As Broadband Integrated Services Digital Networks (B-ISDNs) based on Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) move closer to implementation, there is a critical need for design rules and associated tools to be used in both the planning and operational phases for these networks. Several characteristics of B-ISDN/ATM networks make it necessary to develop new design rules and associated tools. Some of these characteristics are the integrated traffic that will be carried by these networks (video, speech, image, computer data, multi-media, etc.), the new impairments and resulting Quality of Service (QOS) requirements (which are different for t he different traffic classes), and the extremely large capacities of the network links (billions of bits per second). This project proposes to address this need for design rules and associated tools through a combination of theoretical and computer-aided modeling and analysis. The major objective of this study is to develop a base set of design rules and associated tools for ATM networks. These will provide assistance for evaluating and maintaining customer Quality of Service (QOS) while simultaneously making efficient use of network resources. Possible areas for these design rules include network dimensioning and loading, admission control policies, and selective cell discarding policies.

This project involves three tasks, each one distinct but related to the others. Task 1 is focusing on traffic modeling and analysis, Task 2 in focusing on design rules for maintaining Quality of Service (QOS), and Task 3 is providing a general network loading and routing tool to be used for constructing network simulations with the Block Oriented Network Simulator (BONeS) simulation tool.


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Primary Sponsor(s): Sprint Corporation and Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation

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