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First Award: Rapid Integration of Genomic Data from Multiple Sources

Project Award Date: 03-21-2005


The research will automate data integration and schema extensions toward intuitive and flexible interfaces to object-oriented databases for biologists, expert and non-expert users, and software systems. The target application scenario involves large collections of primary genomic data stored in an object-oriented genomic database. Here users are interested in integrating data and schemas from external sources with a comprehensive warehouse. In this work, XML is chosen .as the input format for data; the target genomic data warehouse is the public domain Genomic Unified Schema, GUS. A framework is designed and developed to admit new data types (schema) and dynamically incorporate them into through the database object layer using an automatically generated interface. This interface will automatically generate mappings between input data and data warehouse objects from compliant (based on a current prototype) and schema definitions. Input data may conform to the target GUS schema, or to new schemas. The proposed functionality will extend the XMLGUS data loading system developed by the PI. This interface has proven successful in application settings, yet it is tedious to generate manually the interface grammar. Thus, toward addressing and managing the complexity of GUS, a part of the three-year proposed work extends the XMLGUS framework to generate the variable components automatically


Faculty Investigator(s): Terry Clark (PI)

Student Investigator(s): Krishna Kotcherlakota, Yi Jia

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): NSF & KTEC

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