ITTC Project

Unified Data Format for Mass Spectrometry Analysis (UDF)

Project Award Date: 01-13-2005


Despite the similarity of information content across a wide variety of vendor-specific mass spectrometry formats (i.e., the pervasive mass/charge ratio), tools developed to process the data coming from one instrument are rarely capable of processing data derived from another platform. There is a great desire to be able to do so, since specific analysis options available on one platform are often of value to (and unavailable to) data arising from another. This communications issue can be largely overcome by: a) constructing a set of conversion routines to deposit all data (except that . arising from a small number of vendors that contractually forbid format reverse- . engineering) into a consistent and unified format, and by developing commensurate routines for back-converting from this unified format to vendor specific structures.

University of Kansas researchers are developing a suite of data conversion and compression routines capable of generating compact repositories of mass spectrometry data in a unified format suitable for efficient analysis and rapid reconstitution to vendor-specific form. Such a suite will permit the data from multiple mass spectrometric platforms to be amalgamated into a single, homogeneous form suitable for collective analysis. It will also allow data to be accessible to interrogation by a much broader slate of vendor supplied analysis tools than is currently the case. By storing the unified-format in a highly compressed form with efficient compression / extraction schemes, researchers hope to help establish a sensible standard for data intensive endeavors such as proteomics and lipidomics. Having established such a standard, researchers envision that niche analysis methods (e.g., isotope signature identification, contaminant elimination, recognition of post-translational modifications, etc.) that may not currently be available within slate of vendor-provided tools, can be programmed to operate in an efficient fashion on the standardized compressed data medium.


Faculty Investigator(s): John Gauch

Student Investigator(s): Praveen Lakkaraju

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): Kansas Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (KINBRE)-NIH

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