ITTC Project

Traffic Mangagement and Controls for ATM Networks

Project Award Date: 0000-00-00


Component 1: Integration and Evaluation of CBR/VBR/ABR Controls with Voice/Data/Video/Image Traffic

There have been several traffic controls proposed and studied for CBR,VBR and ABR services. Some of these would function within customer equipment, some at the ATM access point (or User-Network Interface-UNI), and others would be distributed throughout the ATM Network. This component will focus on UNI and network-distributed controls, and only those that are applicable once a connection has been established.

Component 2: Development and Evaluation of Dynamic Renegotitation of Traffic Contract

Recent traffic measurements indicate that a connection may have traffic requirements that vary significantly with time, even when the time scale is large (tens of seconds, minutes, or even hours). If the traffic contract is static, the connection user must estimate the most demanding values for the traffic contract parameters that would be expected over the duration of the connection. This would be not only difficult but also wasteful of network resources. ITTC plans to develop a complete dynamic traffic contract renegotiation system and evaluate its performance.

Component 3: Modeling and Evaluation of a Global Network Management Overlay for Call Admission Control (CAC) and Network Resource Management

A major unknown in network resource management is the uncertainty about what information is needed by the "resource allocator" and how often this information should be collected. ITTC's approach will be to structure simulation-based experiments to determine the sensitivity relationships between control parameters: e.g., the CAC policy on a VP, and the QoS.

Component 4: Real-Time Experimental Evaluation of ATM Network Controls With Multimedia Connections

ITTC will evaluate the feasibility of implementing varios traffic controls within a real-time control and measurement framework, choose a set of controls to implement, design experiments to evaluate the performance of these controls with multimedia connections, perform the experiments, and analyze the results.

Component 5: Evaluation of Service Aspects, Controls, and Signaling for Network Interfaces (BICI/NNI)

This component will provide a careful evaluation of the service aspects, controls, and signaling for interfaces between network service providers.


Faculty Investigator(s): David Petr (PI), Victor Frost

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): Sprint

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