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Flexible Wireless Systems for Rapid Network Evolution

Project Award Date: 01-01-2003


Ultra-wide band (UWB) systems appear to offer multiple communications advantages. However, the conventional approach to UWB systems is to emit a short, possibly shaped, pulse at determined intervals.

The effect is not unlike your car engine firing a spark plug at determined intervals. Advocates contend that by shaping the pulse and adjusting the interval between pulses, a robust, short-ranged communications system can be achieved.

However, traditional UWB systems have only two degrees of freedom, pulse shape and pulse interval. This limits their ability to avoid interfering or critical (e.g. GPS) channels and comply with United States and foreign laws regarding spectrum management.

We propose to investigate solutions to these issues with UWB systems, while retaining the advantages of the overall UWB approach. We will develop, implement, and demonstrate an ultra-wideband communications system based on hundreds to thousands of individual carrier channels.

We call our approach Hyper-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, or H-OFDM. Such systems will allow the rapid deployment of new wireless Internet services by providing a platform that is flexible with respect to spectrum regulations and conditions. H-OFDM permits the mining of the existing spectrum to obtain bandwidth to support new networking services.


Faculty Investigator(s): Gary Minden (PI)

Student Investigator(s): Frederick (Ted) Weidling, Timothy Newman, Victor Petty IV, Preeti Krishnan, Shyang Tan, Svetlana Arshavsky, Sean McAllister, Jordan Guffey, Dinesh Datla, Levi Pierce,

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): NSF

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