ITTC Project

Quantifying the Temporal Characteristics of Congestion Events in the Internet

Project Award Date: 09-01-2002


ITTC researchers will conduct research on a Quality of Service (QoS) metric for the Internet that can be understood easily and used in the design of future packet networks. While QoS mechanisms have not been widely developed in the past because of their complexity and their misunderstood role in user performance, they could play a crucial role in the future design of packet networks. Quality of Service predictors could help designers manage congestion.

This research will define a new QoS metric, the rate of congestion events per unit of time. Further research would develop and identify analytic methodologies to study the metric. Specifically, research will focus on 1) predicting the frequency of congestion events for long-range-dependent (LDR) traffic, i.e., fractional Brownian motion, in a network context; 2) developing simple approximations for predicting the frequency of congestion events; 3) validating the resulting prediction methodologies for networks using real high-resolution traffic measurements; 4) developing efficient techniques to measure the rate of congestion events; and 5) relating the congestion event metric proposed here to new measurement- based temporal QoS metrics.

Currently, it is difficult to justify the investment in complex QoS technologies while their value to the end customer is unknown. It then becomes imperative to research the value of QoS, and its proposed benefits to end users.

The new QoS will summarize the network component of performance in one easily understandable number. Equally important, the proposed metric is structured in a way that it can be used for network engineering.


Faculty Investigator(s): Victor Frost (PI), Tyrone Duncan

Student Investigator(s): Soshant Bali, Yasong Jin, Pedro Lei, Joshua Lu

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): NSF

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