ITTC Project

Computer Generation of True 3-D (T3D) View for Medical Images

Project Award Date: 05-15-2000


ITTC research and development will enable "preprocessing" of medical images before they are viewed. This will allow physicians greater and more effective visual access into the human body. This projects primary goal is to design and implement image processing and data visualization algorithms for the True 3-D display device being developed by BioComp Systems.

The T3D system displays images at different depths by moving the display surface through different positions within the image data. John Gauch and other ITTC researchers will develop techniques to select the "visually significant" features to display. They will develop software and evaluate the effectiveness of a variety of data selection approaches, which will allow doctors and medical personnel access to critical information.

Data selection techniques include the following:

Resolution Reduction: The simplest approach for data reduction is to use image interpolation. One issue here is to select a technique that is fast but retains important image features. A difficulty with this method is that very narrow image features such as hairline fractures might be lost by the inherent filtering that occurs.

Image Cropping: Another effective data reduction approach is to display only a portion of the original image at one time. This can be accomplished by specifying six cropping planes to specify the minimum and maximum ranges of (x, y, z) to display. By interactively adjusting the location of these planes, users can examine three-dimensional subsections of the original data to locate features of interest.

Intensity Windowing: Another approach to data selection is to enable the users of the system to interactively select the range of image intensity values they are interested in.

Feature-Based Display: Automatic image processing techniques such as gradient-based edge detection can be utilized to locate pixels where there is rapid change in an image. This approach locates "surfaces of interest" prior to generating two-dimensional computer graphics images of structures within medical images.

ITTC researchers must also determine the most effective image enhancement technique. They will then integrate these data reduction and image enhancement techniques into the True 3-D display device. ITTC will collaborate with other groups who are working with BioComp Systems to develop the mechanical and electronic systems to control the movement of True 3-D, coordinating the display of images at their appropriate times and positions.


Faculty Investigator(s): John Gauch (PI)

Student Investigator(s): Jedrzej Miadowicz, Corey Carson

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): BioComp Systems

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