ITTC Project

PNNI Simulator: Performance Evaluation Studies and Continued Development

Project Award Date: 05-16-2001


This project is a continuation of a current Sprint-funded project, of which the initial development phase of the PNNI (Private Network-Network Interface) simulator is now complete. One focus of this projects continued work is in finding the full value of the simulator, which has yet to be demonstrated through its use in more extensive performance evaluation studies. A second focus is the continued development of the simulator capabilities, as new features or modifications are required by the needs of specific experiments of interest to Sprint.

The network performance evaluations will explore the effects of numerous PNNI issues. One topic of particular interest is the effect of network topology on various aspects of PNNI signaling performance. The desired scheme is to compare the implications of an edge-core and a cluster topology with the primary performance metrics being call success rate, average call setup time, the average database size in each node, convergence time, and link utilization.

Although the major developments of the KU PNNI simulator is complete, as with all software development projects, some level of further progress in several categories is inevitable. The different categories of development are motivated by several types of issues, including correction of mistakes, extension of PNNI simplifications, increased ease and efficiency of use, creation of new capabilities (which may include optimization of PTSE flooding in the PNNI hierarchy, modification of the CAC algorithm, peer-group leader election, RCC channel implementation modifications, signaling congestion control, and signaling call processing priority).


Faculty Investigator(s): David Petr (PI), Douglas Niehaus

Student Investigator(s): Pradeepkumar Mani

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): Sprint

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