ITTC Project

Innovative Active Networking Services

Project Award Date: 06-04-1999


This effort represents necessary work towards bringing large-scale active networking to realization. Previous researchers have explored a number of individual components of active networking. The goal of this project is to pull together the individual components into an integrated system and to establish the performance and behavior of large-scale active networks.

Operating kernels, execution runtime systems and environments, security architecture and implementations, and performance monitoring and analysisthese are some of the active networking components this research aims to integrate into a single active networking base system.

This project also aims to develop innovative active networking services for both switch-nodes and end-node systems based on composible protocols. Our plan adds active networking services to a common operating system (Linux and Microsoft's Windows NT), and designs and implements an application interface. Composible protocol components focus on network administration services; robust, distributed servers; and value-added services.

We will establish a significant active networking testbed to measure and evaluate the performance and behavior of large-scale active networks under specified sets of tests and criteria. And we will provide a service to the active networking community to extend the active networking testbed to additional sites and coordinate research activities across other active networking research sites.

This research addresses the need to implement and understand active networking at multiple system levels. We address (1) ATM and other network characteristics, (2) interactions between the network and common operating system drivers, schedulers, and resource allocators, (3) interactions with application level programs and performance, and (4) issues with deploying active networking into the network service provider framework.


Faculty Investigator(s): Gary Minden (PI), Joseph Evans

Student Investigator(s): Anthony Jacobson, Shyang Tan, Eric Akers, James Mauro, Magesh Kannan, Justin Marz, Sandeep Subramaniam, Srujana Vallabhaneni, Stephen Ganje

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)

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