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High Speed WDM Sub-Carrier Multiplexed Optical Fiber Communication Systems

Project Award Date: 07-01-1998


The rapid development of information technology is constantly increasing the demand for transmission capacity and broadband services in optical fiber networks. Future optical networks, including long-haul backbone transmission networks and short-haul interconnections, will require both high capacity and flexibility.

This projects objective is to investigate high-bit-rate, flexible, fiber-optic communication systems based on the combination of sub-carrier multiplexing (SCM) technique and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology. The use of advanced optical modulation schemes, such as single side-band (SSB) modulation, in the system design may greatly enhance the system capacity through better utilization of the optical bandwidth. This research will involve system analysis and the assessment of microwave SCM within optical WDM systems, both experimentally and theoretically. In addition, research will extend into the area of hybrid SCM-WDM systems to increase flexibility and capacity.

Hybrid SCM-WDM optical fiber networks are currently being considered by telecom and cable TV industries as a promising technology for simultaneous delivery of both analog and digital services. In the last decade, analog SCM optical systems have been studied extensively. However, high-bit-rate digital SCM has not been fully examined. So the potential advantages and limitations of high-bit-rate, digital SCM within WDM frameworks should and will be investigated.

Through system assessment and performance evaluation, this project will investigate high-bit-rate, flexible fiber-optic communication systems based on the combination of SCM technique and WDM technology. Included in this assessment are several issues such as channel allocations, the impact of fiber dispersion, noise, and inter-channel crosstalk.


Faculty Investigator(s): Rongqing Hui (PI), Christopher Allen (PI), Kenneth Demarest

Student Investigator(s): Sen Zhang, Biao Fu

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): Sprint Corporation

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