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Project Award Date: 0000-00-00


Formulate combines the best attributes of spreadsheets and user interaction programming environments (such as HyperCard) in a visual programming language with a consistent semantics. Designed for use by professional non-programmers, Formulate uses a declarative, form-based paradigm that leaves all control flow decisions tothe sytem, totally freeing the programmer from any need to program control flow.

Programs are systems of equations developed by applying operators to the values produced by other equations. Unlike current spreadsheets and user interaction programming environments, Formulate concentrates on both procedural and data abstraction making it suitable for developing larger programs.


Partner with ITTC

The Information and Telecommunication Technology Center at the University of Kansas has developed several assistance policies that enhance interactions between the Center and local, Kansas, or national companies. 

ITTC assistance includes initial free consulting (normally one to five hours). If additional support is needed, ITTC will offer one of the following approaches: 

Sponsored Research Agreement

Individuals and organizations can enter into agreements with KUCR/ITTC and provide funds for sponsored research to be performed at ITTC with the assistance of faculty, staff and students.

Licensing and Royalty/Equity Agreement

An ITTC goal is the development of investment-grade technologies for transfer to, and marketing by, local, Kansas, and national businesses. To enhance this process, the Center has developed flexible policies that allow for licensing, royalty, and equity arrangements to meet both the needs of ITTC and the company.

Commercialization Development

Companies with a technology need that can be satisfied with ITTC's resources can look to us for assistance. We can develop a relationship with interested partners that will provide for the development of a technology suited for commercialization.

ITTC Resource Access

ITTC resources, including computers and software systems, may be made available to Kansas companies in accordance with the Center's mission and applicable Regents and University policies.

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