ITTC Project

Traffic Modeling for Network Engineering

Project Award Date: 05-16-2001


The basis of this project is the study of ATM call models, analysis of which has been thus far focused on examining the statistical properties of the data on different time scales. Two primary centers of study are on the relationship between coarse time-scale measurements and fine time-scale measurements, and on the characterization of the long-range dependence (LRD) properties of the data.

The aim of this project is to continue data analysis and characterization, develop mathematical models that match specific statistical characterizations observed in Sprint traffic, develop an understanding of the performance effects of these characterizations, and explore specific network engineering applications of the analysis.

Data analysis includes a continuation of building the understanding of traffic that exists in Sprints network. The project will commence by seeking explanations on behavior that has already been observed. In addition, similar data analysis methodologies will be applied to traffic data from other parts of the Sprint Network.

Mathematical traffic modelsa foundation of robust performance analysisare to be developed. Particularly, developing models that match the statistical characteristics already observed will be attempted. These include the peculiar peak-rate vs. time scale behavior in addition to characterizations of LRD such as Hurst parameter values and index of variability curves. Two parallel paths are to be followed in this effort: one will focus on the application of advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques; the second approach will be to capture the observed LRD with more traditional but highly specialized traffic models.

The efforts undertaken to understand and model the statistical characteristics of Sprint network traffic will allow us to begin analyzing the performance of this traffic in network contexts. Simulation-based performance studies will also be pursued. The traffic models can be used to drive the simulations, focusing the performance analysis efforts toward answering network engineering questions especially important to Sprint.

This project will further identify key network engineering questionsproblems that are particularly important to effective design and operation of Sprints network. And lastly, in the near future, Sprint may begin widespread deployment of Switched virtual Circuits within Sprints ATM network. Included in this deployment will be the collection of call detail records that will contain information about call start times, durations, and so forth. The resulting aim of this collection is the analysis of these records, which will provide the necessary information to develop macro-level call models based on call arrival and duration statistics.


Faculty Investigator(s): David Petr (PI), Swapan Chakrabarti

Student Investigator(s): Pradeepkumar Mani, Mohammed Hawa

Project Sponsors

Primary Sponsor(s): Sprint

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