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CAREER: Filling the Gaps in Domain-Specific Functional-Based Solutions High-Performance Execution(Status: Active -- Project Award Date: 06-01-2014)
The development of high assurance systems is time consuming and expensive. A high assurance system comprises of a combination of software, hardware and firmware for which we understand the intent of the system, or semantics, and have confidence that this intent was accurately realized in an implementation. For example in a multi-level virtualization environment, a domain problem is knowing that a process executing on a shared resource can not be observed or modified in an unauthorized way. The intent Is non-interference between processes, but capturing this in implementable is challenging. Furthermore, the challenges faced in high assurance system development are present to some degree in any development task that targets a system with fixed resources.
Armored Software(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 09-27-2013)
Vetting Commodity IT Software and Firmware(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 09-27-2013)
UMKC EAGER: US Ignite: In-Home Monitoring in Support of Caregivers for Patients with Dementia(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 10-01-2012)
A Proposal for Interdomain Resilience(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 05-01-2012)
This award will explore the resilience and survivability of multidomain (multiprovider) networks, including the resilience of BGP and BGPsec.
A Proposal for Interdomain Resilience(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 05-01-2012)
This award will explore the resilience and survivability of multidomain (multiprovider) networks, including the resilience of BGP and BGPsec. This work will leverage the research and tools under development by the ResiliNets research group on topological, routing, and end-to-end path resilience.
Maximizing the Utilization of Renewable Energy to Optimize the Soft-Error Robustness of GPGPU-based Data Centers(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 05-01-2012)
This project proposes to maximize the utilization of renewable energy in optimizing the soft-error robustness of GPGPU-based Data Centers. The research includes GPU soft-error modeling and optimization, renewable energy-aware reliability optimization in data centers.
A Proposal for TPM Verification(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 04-16-2012)
This project will verify the Trusted Processor Module (TPM).
KanREN-GENI: GENI in the Kansas Research and Education Network and the Great Plains Network(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 10-01-2011)
This infrastructure will enable direct GPENI OpenFlow access in two resilient overlay networks (RONs) and three Midwest states.
Improving the Applicability of Haskell-hosted Semi-Formal Models to High Assurance Development(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 08-01-2011)
ITTC researchers will develop high-level models and efficient implementations concurrently under a single, semi-formal framework that bridges the abstraction gap with aggressive, user-assisted program refinement technology.
CAREER: Implementing a New Parallelization Model for Virtual Machines(Status: Active -- Project Award Date: 03-01-2010)
ITTC researchers are developing a more secure and efficient framework for virtual machines (VMs), which ensure compatability between applications and the devices running them.
GpENI: Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 09-01-2008)
ITTC will lead regional deployment of network infrastructure to support interdisciplinary research and development of future Internet architectures. The Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation (GpENI), part of a National Science Foundation initiative, will foster collaboration among participating Midwestern universities.
CT-ISG: Collaborative Research: Non-bypassable Kernel Services for Execution Security(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 07-27-2007)
To protect safety, health, and economic concerns of national interest, it is critical that complex engineered systems maintain survivable operation even in the face of malicious attacks. ITTC researchers are developing services to provide non-bypassable control over access and use of resources, shared system components, and other points of interaction.
Mobile Wireless Technology and the Impacts on Future Internet(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 09-15-2006)
The NSF workshop will foster collaboration between the mobile and wireless technology and network architecture communities in the United States and Scandinavia
Project Summary: Reconfigurable Computing Cluster(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 03-10-2006)
ITTC researchers are experimenting with a 64-node experimental Reconfigurable Computing Cluster. If successful, it will be a significant step towards cost-effective petascale clusters, which perform quadrillions of operations per second. These supercomputers will be a hundred times more powerful than current systems.
Simulation of Rosetta Representations and Evaluations(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 08-15-2005)
ITTC software will help electronics designers develop devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, gaming systems, semiconductor chips, and avionics.
EHS: Dynamic Hardware Reconfiguration to Accelerate Java-Base Embedded Systems(Status: Active -- Project Award Date: 09-01-2004)
This project combines commercially available, hybrid devices and a novel run-time system with the goal of building systems with better performance and fewer resources.
Machine Learning for Failure Prediction in Computer-Controlled Devices(Status: Completed -- Project Award Date: 11-01-2003)
ITTC researchers will develop software that can detect future problematic behavior and fix it before a device's failure.

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